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"A Magical Evening: Inside the Dreamy Summer Wedding of Caden & Katelyn"

Let me bring you to the night of New Years Eve in 2022. Me along with all of Caden & Katelyn's family are eagerly waiting for the darling couple, why? Well Caden is about to propose to Katelyn at MIDNIGHT!! It was so exciting, the energy was so high and we all just sat and watched football waiting for these two to arrive.

The time is here, Caden just pulled in, everyone is inside the house hiding while I sit and hide in a bush so that Katelyn doesn't suspect a THING! As the two walk in Katelyn had pure shock on her face, she honestly had no idea this was happening, and the fun and shock was so fun to capture! After Caden proposed, and she said yes FIREWORKS WENT OFF!! It was one magical proposal I was able to capture! After wards all the family came out and to Katelyn's shock, she did not realize everyone would be there! Truly an unforgettable night!

Flash forward to their bridals, a beautiful morning session at Tunnel Springs Park in Salt Lake City. This location is so pretty in the morning, especially showcasing the GREEN ROLLING HILLS! I loved these cuties bridals, Katelyn's dress and Caden's reaction just showed how fun yet timeless this video will be. We froze our butts for the prettiest bridal session, and I will always remember this session for sure.

This June wedding was CRAZY! Not only was it summer, but we got blessed with crazy winds this day! When the two exited out the Ogden Temple, you can see Katelyn's veil FLYING EVERYWHERE! We had to watch for the clouds which looked like it was about to be a rain storm, so we had to quickly do all the family photos! Lucky for us, the wind calmed down just in time for the photos and videos of just Caden & Katelyn!

The reception was a PARTY to say the least! These two had a packed house at the Oak Hills Reception center in Layton Utah. There was never a moment of quietness this whole night! These guys had yard game activities outside as well as a Belgian waffle BAR!! I dream about these, they were way too good! Once the activities started the energy was there for the 2 hours these guys danced and partied! Tears were shed during the slow dances, but then immediately were replaced with smiles after a good cake smash and an ultimate dance party! These two know how to throw a party and had the best day ever! Cheers to Caden & Katelyn!!


Dj: Nate Ellison

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