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"Capturing the Love: A Summer Wedding Recap for Josh & Savannah"

Let me introduce you to the cutest couple EVER! Josh and Savannah are your perfect next door neighbors. These two have known each other from since they could remember! Everyone around them knew they would eventually end up together! But of course these two didn't think it would happen! But fast forward to 2023 when they finally decided they wanted to get married! These guys had all the best things for their wedding!

Bridals were SO FUN AND SO PRETTY! Just watch and you will fall in love with them like I did! We woke up early (Super early for me). We started capturing the magic before the sun came up! This location is so pretty, but I had never shot here in the early mornings, but now I need to do it every year! IT WAS MAGICAL but oh so cold! We ran around this field for so long and we were able to capture the prettiest bridals for these guys! My favorite details are her custom designed converse!

Fast forward to the most perfect wedding day! The weather for the day was perfect, not too hot and not too cold! It truly couldn't have gone better! We started the day at the Ogden Temple! The colors were breathtaking, one of Savannah's friends did all the florals and they seriously turned out way too good!

After the temple we headed across the street for a sweet intimate luncheon! This luncheon was pretty special, both Josh and Savannah have brother's the same age both serving missions! So we were able to face time in with the two of them and hear messages from them! Definitely not a dry eye in that room during this moment.

The reception was a PARTY to say the least! They had a friend as their DJ so you know the dance party was going to be a blast! These guys had so much energy and fun friends and family that we had so much fun all night! The highlight of their reception? A MOTORCYCLE SEND OFF!! LIKE WHAT how cool is that!

This was such a special wedding day for me to film and capture! Cheers to Josh & Savannah FOREVER!!


Photo: Taylor Shae Media

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