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Cinematic Love Story: A Stunning Bridal Film of Corey & Rylee

Corey is one of my good buddies from college and when he asked me to film their bridal film for them I about cried! I was so estatic to capture the beautiful moments between him and Rylee!

This video is super unique because Corey is good friends with Northwest Stories, so they were able to let me use one of their songs for this bridal film.

These bridals were sweet and intimate, being a wedding videographer you capture a lot of love stories. This video reminded me how pure and sweet true love is. These cuties ran around the capital with us for 2 hours and we were able to capture the beautiful architecture of the Utah State Capital, while also catching the amazing sunset that night!

"Taylor is one of the best videographers/photographers out there. Always been impressed by her work, so it was great to have you shoot our bridals"


Videographer: @TaylorShaeMedia

Venue: Utah State Capital Building

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