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Emotional Reunion: The Highlights of January's LDS Missionary Homecoming

This was a month of sweet and emotional homecomings! This January I captured 5 sweet reunions of missionaries with their families!

Elder Tomasi Tu'itavuki

Washington Tacoma Mission

Dec 2021 - Jan 2024

This was missionary homecoming #1 of the year and I was so excited to capture this moment before I left on vacation! This family was so sweet and so excited for their elder to come home! We waited patiently as his flight came in a little late! But overall we finally were able to welcome Elder Tu'itavuki!

"We received great instructions from Taylor's guide on where to park and where to stand to greet. It is so helpful when it's your first time. Taylor was also on time and she was keeping track of the flight status herself. She was was also very friendly!"

Upbeat Instrumental Music | Medium sized family


Sister Kimberly Liljenquist

Iowa, Iowa City Mission

Aug 2023 - Jan 2024

This was such a fun homecoming, not only have I done two of her cousins homecomings. I have known Kim since she was a freshman in High School, so this was such a fun reunion to get to see someone I have known for a long time! She had the most radiant light when she came through the doors to see her family waiting for her. Kim had only one request for her video, she wanted her friends and family to gritty with her.

Upbeat Music | Large sized family


Sister Ella Bertola

Columbia South Carolina Mission

Aug 2023 - Jan 2024

I did this homecoming the same day as Kimberly's, so you know it was a fun filled day! This family was so sweet and had the most fun signs! The smart idea that I have never seen before, was that they brought balloons that spelled out Ella's name so that she could easily find us at the airport! Once Ella came out the doors there was not a dry eye, everyone was crying and so happy. Lucky for me this video captured a lot of those emotions!

Mellow Music | Medium sized family


Sister Kate Dana

Atlanta Georgia North Mission

Aug 2023 - Jan 2024

This was fun for me, I filmed Kate's cousins homecoming just a month ago. Kate also happens to be a videographer as well so this was a huge honor for me to capture her homecoming! This one was so fun to capture, the hugs and moment of Kate seeing her immediate family was SO BEAUTIFUL! This one is also fun and different because Kate's mom sent me some phone footage for me to add!

Upbeat Music | Large sized family


Sister Isabelle Anderson

Croatia - Adriatic North Mission

July 2023 - Jan 2024

What a sweet and special morning this was! Isabelle had her family there and two friends. The close small knit families are sometimes the best for homecomings! We waited and waited for her to come through, we were all laughing and full of excitement! I felt like I was a part of their family! Once Isabelle came through you could just feel the love when she hugged her cute momma! Everyone was super emotional and it was just a special morning to capture this for the sweetest family!

Slow spiritual music | Medium sized family

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