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"Love in Bloom: A Spring Wedding Recap for Brady & Lynnsie"

This was such a fun wedding for me personally, not only have I known Brady for a while, my husband was lucky enough to be a groomsman too! These two had the most sweet and funnest wedding day!

These were probably the coldest engagements I have ever done! We had to go back and forth to the car to try and warm up! These guys were really troopers and we had a blast capturing these two at Antelope Island!

The sun was definitely out but we still our froze our butts off capturing these sweet moments for Brady & Lynnsie! This engagement shoot was a favorite of mine from last year for sure! We got lucky with golden hour and a little bit of pink skies at the end of the night!

BRIDALS WERE SO FUN WITH BRADY AND LYNNSIE! With how crazy the snow got in 2023 we had to get creative to try and showcase these spring bridals for a spring wedding! We opted in for the Utah State Capital for some pretty structural bridals! These were so fun and we had a much warmer day for these cuties! Lynnsie got her dress from Bridal Corner and she custom designed her sleeves!?! How pretty and fun are they! I loved how Brady's suit looked with the capital, and these bridal photos just turned out so pretty for them!

This photo was right after the first look and it just was too perfect and captured their emotions way too well.

Bridal photos at the Utah State Capital

April 29th, 2023 was a perfect spring day for these cuties to tie the knot! We started the morning at the ever pretty Bountiful Temple! This is one of my favorite temples to shoot at, just because the arches are gorgeous, but also it is just a great location for all and any photos!

They chose the perfect pinks and tans to showcase the perfect spring wedding! With this big of a bridal party you can already see how fun and exciting this day was! We had energy all day and it was such a fun morning at the temple!

The coolest experience from this sealing was Brady & Lynnsie were able to be sealed in the exact same room as Lynnsie's parents many years ago! This was a very special and spiritual moment for these families! You can see all the love and emotions clearly in all of these photos!

After the temple we were able to travel up north to the beautiful venue at "The Foundry" to hang out and party the night away! I think my favorite aspect of the decorations were for sure the flowers and the charcuterie spread of different types of bread! IT WAS ALL SO DELICIOUS! They decorated the venue with plenty of photos and it was so fun to see the many memories they had made while dating!

This night was full of love and fun! This popular couple got to greet and chat with so many friends and family from afar! Once the activities started the energy was high! From Cake cutting, dancing and the sendoff!

The energy was high for this super fun dance party! Once the night was about to end! Brady & Lynnsie wanted to have some fun with the bouquet and garter toss! They decided to throw from on top of the balcony down to the crowd! This was a favorite and people had so much fun with it!

And once the dancing and fun was all over we had a fun sparkler exit out the back! This was such a fun wedding and I did not want the night to end! Cheers to the Parry's and I hope you enjoyed this wedding recap of the prettiest spring wedding!

Black & White photo of a sparkler exit at a wedding in Northern Utah


Photography: @TaylorShaeMedia

Flowers: Eve Marie Flower Company (@evemarieflowerco)

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