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Taylor Shae Media: 2023 A Year of Unstoppable Creativity and Growth

Headshot of Taylor Maughan, Owner of Taylor Shae Media

This year was such a great year for me personally and professionally. I was able to capture so many amazing events, memories and create everlasting relationships!

Not only did I more than double my sales for the year, but I captured over 150 different types of events. In 2023 the services I offered ranged from my ever famous LDS Missionary Homecomings, to Weddings, Senior Photos, Family Photos as well as Sports Photography. I was able to capture new events I had never captured before. I photographed 3 birthday parties this last year and had an absolute blast expanding my services, and hope to capture more in 2024.

Lets show some numbers! I am very much a numbers gal and know people love seeing the different aspects of how a business is ran!

  • LDS Missionary Homecomings: I was able to film 67 homecomings in 2023! This is the most I have done in one year, it was certainly keeping me busy but I wouldn't change these for the world! The craziest week of 2023 was when I filmed 9 in ONE WEEK!

  • Weddings: I captured 27 beautiful couples sealing the deal and saying I DO this year! Out of those 27 couples I captured 9 weddings as a photographer and 19 as a videographer! This was the first year I went ahead and captured solely photography weddings, so that was great for me to learn and grow!

  • Sports: I am a lover of sports, especially since my husband and I met while working in the Utah State Athletics department. In 2023 I captured 13 different sporting events. This ranges from team photos, highlight reels and in action sports games.

  • Photography: With how wide of a range this category is, I was able to photograph 55 different memories. These can range from senior photos, graduation photos, and my new favorite is small family photos.

  • Events: This was a new one for me this year. I got the opportunity to capture 3 birthday parties and was able to participate in 1 customer appreciation night! This was exciting to grow my skillset, and I hope I get to do more of these this next year!

2023 was such an exciting year for me and I can't wait to see what 2024 has in store for me! Enjoy this highlight reel I made of all the adventures and memories I got to capture this last year!

Thanks for following along on my journey!

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