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"Unforgettable Moments: A Recap of Bailey & Parker's Wedding Day"

What a sweet and rememberable time I had with sweet Parker & Bailey for their wedding day!

Engagements were a wild ride! Bailey originally told me she wanted Fall engagements, but the leaves dropped before we could go to anywhere with bright leaves! And since that did not work we decided on snowy mountains! We got all the way to snowy Snow basin to capture some winter magical engagements when it turns out I left my SD Cards AT HOME! So we had to run to Walmart to buy some more. We didn't want to lose the light, so we decided to take photos at the Ogden Botanical Gardens. To our surprise there were still some fall leaves! So we had a very good win win situation!

Another wild ride was their bridals! Weather was hard to plan around with the ever famous 2023 Utah Snow! Our original plan was to go to Antelope Island to take some with her horses! Then it turned out it was RAINING! So we changed to take photos at the capital! Once we arrived at the Capital, turns out there was a high school PROM going on! So we were unable to go there! Luckily one of my favorite studios had an open time slot! So we hurry and ran over to Studio Elvn to shoot bridals there! And on top of all of this their photographer was unable to make it, so I had to last minute film AND take photos for their bridal session. This is something I don't offer, but my husband was luckily coming with me to this shoot so we were able to improvise and captured some magical studio bridals for them!

We finally made it to their wedding day! It was a beautiful WARM day up at the Ogden Temple! Bailey is actually my husband's cousin, so I was able to attend the actual sealing! This made it such a special experience to be able to see the sealing performed as well as capture the video for their big day! We had so much fun at the temple grounds!

For the reception we headed down to Layton at the Grand Victorian Venue! They had ice cream and music playing so everyone could hang out and share the love and sweet moments for this couple! During the dances the rain started to sprinkle in and created such a special moment ! After smashing cake into each other's faces we sent them off with a sparkler send off! It was such a fun day with family! Cheers to Bailey & Parker!

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