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"Capturing the Moment: A Heartwarming Recap of February's LDS Missionary Homecomings"

What another wonderful month of capturing LDS Missionary Homecomings!

Sisar Halle Maddock

Finland, Helsinki Mission

Jul 2022 - Feb 2024

Halle had reached out to me earlier last year about filming her homecoming, and I was SO EXCITED when her mom reached out to me! This was such a fun and exciting family to be with to help reunite sweet Halle to her family! Halle has a younger brother serving in Brazil, and her mom wanted to surprise her with a sweet message from him! The funniest part of this homecoming was Halle's mom was so excited to see her she almost knocked over a stranger to get that hug! So much emotion could be felt with this sweet family, I am so happy I could capture it for them!

Mellow Spiritual Music | Medium sized family


Elder Landon Pollard

Called to Serve in Russia, but serving in Manchester England

Jan 2022 - Feb 2024

THIS ONE WAS SO SPECIAL!!! When Landon's mom booked with me she wanted the mom hug captured as well as the reunion with his High School girlfriend! I was so excited for this one, especially since we were able to film it on Valentine's Day! HOW SWEET IS THIS? Once Landon came out everyone was so excited and so giddy, and then when he finally saw his cute girlfriend everyone cheered as they embraced! It was so fun to be a part of. Camille then shocked us all by giving Landon a big ol KISS!! It was such a sweet surprise for Valentine's day. Such a special missionary homecoming for sure.

Upbeat Country Music | Medium sized family


Elder William Maltby

Cebu East Philippines Mission

Aug 2022 - Feb 2024

This was such a sweet but very last minute homecoming! Will tore 3-4 ligaments in his ankle while out playing basketball in the Philippines! With that he had to come home 5 months early to get surgery on his ankle! So there was a very happy but worried family at the airport waiting for him! Excited for him to finally be home, but anxious with the health of his ankle! But no worries the moments were priceless and captured the sweet reunion with his family!

Upbeat Tender Music | Medium sized family


Sister Taytum Dyer

Wichita Kansas Mission

Sep 2022 - Feb 2024

I'm so lucky with the best and funnest families! I filmed Taytum's cousin's homecoming in 2022! So it was fun to see the family all over again for such a fun day! Taytum had so much love and family here at the airport that it just made it so fun! Although there were huge crowds at the airport momma was still able to get her hug! Such a fun and sweet reunion! This one made me love my job and realize how fun and special it is I get to capture missionaries coming home!

"Taylor did a wonderful job on my daughter’s homecoming video! She communicated with us every step of the way, from scheduling, music selection, what to expect at the airport, things to bring to the airport and so much more. The quality of her pictures and video are top notch and we couldn’t be happier. She was friendly and personable and so nice to work with. We’re so happy we used Taylor!" - Kendra Dyer

Upbeat Music | Large sized family


Sister Ashlyn Jackson

Charlotte North Carolina Mission

Sep 2022 - Feb 2024

THIS WAS SUCH A SWEET AND TENDER HOMECOMING! I know I say that everytime, but this truly was so special to be a part of! Cute Ashlyn is the only girl of an all boy family, and those brother's love her so much! When Ashlyn came running through the doors to hug her sweet mom! Everyone was just so excited that we almost knocked over the barricades down! It was such a sweet and exciting time for Ash to come home! I think my favorite part is her girl friends had a poster with each of their friends who were out on missions, each time one of them came home they crossed off their name! It was a cute little countdown for them to do!

Upbeat music | Medium sized family


Sister Joslynn Jensen

Taiwan Taipei Mission

Sep 2022 - Feb 2024

Joslynn had an awesome mission out in Taiwan! She got to experience so much, her family was telling me all about the fun stories she had! This was an exciting yet stressful homecoming for sure! First, her flight was coming in a whole 30 minutes early! So we had to rush to the airport in time to see her! BUT for some reason the parking garage was full too! So I had a hard time finding parking, and by the time I made It up to the greeting room her plane had LANDED!! We watched her plan pull into the gate and waited anxiously! This was so sweet to capture and I am so lucky I got to see this sweet reunion!

Slower Tempo Music | Medium Sized Family


Sister Abby Platt

Naga Philippines Mission

Aug 2022 - Feb 2024

Last homecoming of February was so fun!! Not only was it sweet (as always) But this was the first homecoming that I was able to see my printable signs used! It was such a fun sweet family! We were able to get there just in time for her to come out of the gates! The family hugs were so fast and so sweet! Abby was ready to go home and get some sleep after traveling for around 24 hours! Such a fun and sweet family that I was able to capture their sweet reunion with Abby!

Upbeat Music | Medium Family


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