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Capturing the Beautiful Moments: A Recap of Mitch and Lindsey's Wedding Day

This wedding was nothing short of magical, from their proposal to their send off I had such a blast with the Perry's!!

Mitch came to me with the perfect plan to propose to Lindsey! He scouted out the perfect little hidden cove up Big Cottonwood canyon. Once he found the spot it was GO TIME! He told Lindsey that he scheduled a family photo session with me, so her plan was to meet her family at this pin that was sent to me to take some simple family photos! When she started walking up the trail that was lined with rose petals and photos of the two of them she figured it out finally! She truly had no idea, and those proposals that are filled with pure surprise are the BEST! I was able to capture that pure surprise on film! This was a favorite proposal video of mine for sure!

These cuties wanted something a little different for their engagements! With their engagement being during the winter and already having those full winter photos from the proposal, we opted to take their engagements at Antelope island, a personal favorite place for me! We were lucky to have amazing weather and sunshine this day! We had fun chasing around buffalo and just hanging out!

Time for Bridals!! We somehow got so lucky and got the most beautiful weather for these guys down at the Sand Dunes! We were able to run around and have fun in the sand! These guys were troopers with me in running around the sand dunes for their bridals!

And even better yet, Mitch had the perfect reaction to seeing Lindsey in her dress, he cried tears of joy and couldn't stop hugging her, I mean I don't blame him, she was GORGEOUS!

Ready to see photos from the perfect Spring day? Because it was such a beautiful day! This was one of my first weddings capturing it as a photographer AND a videographer! Mitch trusted me to capture the important photos at the temple so that they could have these memories to last forever! While then creating a video for the reception, well lets just say was a huge dance party! Lets share some of their beautiful photos from the temple because it was such a fun day from beginning to end!

My favorite part about this part of the day is capturing the small intimate moments between the couple and their family and now NEW family! These two have such a fun love for their families that they just welcomed each other into the new families so well! It was such a joy to capture those small moments with the family!

Group photo outside the Bountiful Utah LDS Temple

The bridal party was a HIT lets just say! Mitch was in a fraternity while we were up at Utah State, so all the frat boys came to hang with us! They had such a blast the whole day, and don't worry, the girls matched their energy to a T! It was seriously so much fun.

While the family, friends and all the group shots are important. The best photos we got of the two was these! I am still obsessed with them months later! I had such a blast shooting at the bountiful temple!

Before the reception started, Lindsey told me a super sweet story! So Mitch's ring never came in time for the wedding day, so she wanted to have a sweet moment with the two of them. Not only did they read vows privately between each other, Lindsey had the chance to "propose" to Mitch with this homemade ring she made just for him! It is moments like these that can help make your day special to YOU!

Moments like these and some other small moments were able to be captured before the PARTY OF THE CENTURY! We had some fun with the girls all getting freshened up as well as the bridal party to see who could throw the bride or the groom the highest!

Twenty and Creek has become a new favorite venue because the lighting inside is just BEAUTIFUL but as well the grounds were fun to run around and get some snapshots of the couple before they got to celebrate with all the guests arriving!

And finally the party BEGINS! They had the most wonderful spread of food and desserts! They had a Dessert Tasting Station that included rice crispy treats, chocolate mousse shots and Creme Brûlée AND a Churro station! It truly was heaven!

Once the activities started we had the fun cake cutting where they spread cake all over each others faces it was amazing! Dancing with the parents was sweet and fun, and then once Mitch and Lindsey started their first dance the room burst into emotions as there was not a dry eye in the room! Everyone loved this couple and you could really see that!

Straight from the first dance was the intense HOUR LONG dance party! Everyone was having a blast and this was the perfect kick off to the crazy wedding season I was able to capture! The Perry's truly knew how to party!

The dancing ended with everyone sending the couple off! Lindsey changed into the cutest pink statement dress! And after that is was the perfect wedding day for this cute couple!


Photographer/Videographer: @TaylorShaeMedia

Food Catering: Marvellous catering

Venue: Bountiful Temple & Twenty and Creek

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