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"Embracing Home: Reflecting on March's LDS Missionary Homecomings"

What another wonderful month of capturing LDS Missionary Homecomings!

Elder Peyton Call

Called to serve in Peru, reassigned to Detroit and New Jersey

Aug 2021 - March 2024

What a special night! Peyton had such a tough but amazing experience out on his mission! I felt truly honored I got to capture this sweet moment! Peyton landed at 9pm, so we really had the airport all to our selves! The anticipation before he came out was so high! The family watched his plane come into the gate and then anxiously waited for him! Once he walked out the door there were tears on his cheeks for the rest of the hugs! His family was so sweet with the love and hugs, you couldn't help but smile and be so happy at this sweet homecoming.

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Sister Janzie Jensen

Edmonton Canada Mission

Aug 2022 - March 2024

JANZIE WAS SO JOYFUL! She had reached out to me on Facebook to film this for her and it is so fun to meet these wonderful missionaries I have a chance to chat with! Her cute family printed out some of my missionary signs and its so fun to see them printed out! Once Janzie was coming through those doors her mom wouldn't let anybody get in her way! This was such a huge hug everyone was so excited!! By far the sweetest moment was Janzie meeting her cute little nephew! It was so cute and I still smile every time watching that moment!

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Sister Brynna McCormick

Tempe Arizona Mission

Aug 2022 - March 2024

Woke up bright and early to welcome home sweet Brynna! We were able to watch her plane go into the gate, her niece was so excited to see her and hug her! We waited not for long until Brynna came through the doors! It was pure joy and happiness the entire time! Only Brynna's family and grandparents! Sometimes the small intimate family homecomings are just to sweet to capture!

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Sister Libby Simons

Fresno California Mission

Sept 2022 - March 2024

Cute Libby girl is finally home! I have known her since 2020 when I did her sister's homecoming and her other sister's wedding in 2021! It was so fun to reconnect with this sweet family! It was just her immediate family and some companions at the airport! These are so sweet and tender to be a part of! Once Libby was through the doors and hugging mom there were so many smiles that I'm pretty sure everyone's cheeks were hurting. It was so fun to capture this sweet moment for this fam! Welcome Home Libby!

"Love Taylor!! This isn’t our first time working with her !! We loved her so much she also did my other daughters wedding first look and wedding day that we had to use her for another missionary homecoming!!" - Alison Simons

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Sister Emma Witman

Campinas Brazil Mission

Sept 2022 - March 2024

LATE NIGHT HOMECOMINGS ARE SO FUN!! But yes very tiring, sweet Emma landed at 11:30pm so we waited anxiously ALL DAY for her arrival! When I got to the airport, her sweet family waited so anxiously and it was so fun waiting with them! My favorite part of this video is when her family sees her walk through the doors! There is so much love, excitement and happiness that pours out of her cute family! So happy I was able to spend the night with this cute family welcoming home Emma!

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Sister Madalyn White

Puerto Montt, Chile Mission

Sept 2022 - March 2024

This sweet family was such a joy to be with! We were able to just sit and wait in a calm airport! It was the most perfect reunion and I was so happy and honored I got to capture this sweet moment! It felt like I had been friends with this cute family for years! It was the most perfect and happiest homecoming! I was so honored I got to capture this homecoming!

"Loved the quick turnaround! Within hours our missionary was able to share her special day with a beautiful video. We love having this memory captured in such a beautiful format. Taylor Shae Media's communication throughout the process was amazing. Our family and friends loved the video too and asked us for her information for their missionaries - the quality of her work promotes her business for her!" - Yvette Brusik-White

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Sister Harlee Woods

Eugene Oregon Mission

Oct 2022 - March 2024

Lucky me had another bright and early homecoming! Harlee's family was so sweet and so fun and just anxious and excited to welcome her home from Oregon! We waited, and waited and WAITED! We were hanging out for a good 40 minutes until the missionaries finally came out! The moment her sweet mom and dad hugged Harlee everyone was crying it was beautiful! But my favorite moment was the siblings seeing her! It was all around the sweetest and funnest homecoming! The coolest part was that Brynna from two weeks ago was at this homecoming! They were best friends since kindergarten so it was fun to see them again!

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Sister Elle Checketts

Montevideo Uruguay Mission

Sept 2022 - March 2024

This was a busy day for me! I filmed Harlee's homecoming in the morning and then Elle in the afternoon! Her family was so cute and so excited to see her! We got super lucky and had a very difficult airport security situation where they ushered all the missionaries into the greeting room. Of course we were on the complete opposite side, so once we saw her she had to run through the greeting room to finally reunite with her mom! Through all the chaos it was so sweet to see this sweet reunion!

Taylor is kind and helpful. loved that we didn’t have to worry about videoing or taking pics as she did all the work for us and we could just focus on enjoying the day and visiting with each other! Taylor was great to work with and having her video made the whole day better by not having to rely on other people or holding phones to record ourselves!

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Sister Ava Cochran

Milan, Italy Mission

Sept 2022 - March 2024

This was so fun and such a sweet reunion! We were able to have a calm day at the airport! Sweet Ava has followed my facebook page since she was in training, so she knew she wanted me to be there to capture this moment for her and her family! We were lucky enough to be in the international terminal, and we were able to see a sneak peek of her while Ava went through customs at the airport! But once she came through those doors she was crying and everyone was so ecstatic to see her! This was so fun and I am so happy that I was able to be there! And did I mention her friends got her the cutest gift ever? Since Ava served in Milan they went ahead and bought her a LEGO VESPA!! How cute is that! But this was the perfect homecoming to end this crazy month of March!

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