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"Reflections on Reuniting with Returned LDS Missionaries: A Recap of April Homecomings"

What another wonderful month of capturing LDS Missionary Homecomings!

Sister Roxie Yardley

Buenos Aires North Argentina

Oct 2021 - April 2024

This was so fun to capture this sweet moment! I got the chance to hang with this cute family AGAIN! I did Roxie's sister Sadie's homecoming video last year! So it was fun to catch up with the cute family again! The anticipation was high to see Roxie, especially since her and Sadie had not seen each other in a little under 3 years! Although it was a pretty chaotic morning, we were able to capture the exact moment for Roxie to find us and give her mom a huge hug! It was just fun to capture another homecoming for this sweet family!

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Sister Abby Miller

Dominican Republic Santiago Mission

Oct 2022 - April 2024

Talk about the most tender, heartfelt and just happy missionary homecoming! Abby had the sweetest family there to greet her! We were able to wait patiently for her, and might I add very anxiously wait for her to come off the plane. Before Abby came out, the tears were flowing from mom who missed her so much and her sweet brothers. Once Abby came out of the doors, it was a little crazy at the Salt Lake International Airport, but Abby and mom's embrace was so fun and so sweet! The reunion of her with her brothers was also a very memorable moment for me!

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Elder Tyler Moon

Mendoza Argentina Mission

April 2022 - April 2024

The funnest surprise for me! Tyler's parent's went to ARGENTINA and picked him up! So I got to capture the fun excitement of his younger siblings, it was so fun to focus on them as we were all waiting for not only the parents to come home from their 10 day vacation to Argentina, but also to see Tyler who they missed so much! After a whole 2 years and 10 days wait to hug their brother, it was a very fun and exciting reunion on this late Monday night! Tyler is very loved, and you can tell by the huge family and positive influence who were waiting for him at the airport!

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